National Access Card & Lanyard

                                      PLEASE READ 

If an Invisible Disabilities Australia Card Holder has asked you to scan the QR Code on their card it means they need your support. Please ask them if there is any support they need. PLEASE DO NOT ASK THEM ABOUT THEIR MEDICAL CONDITION

You have an obligation to support them under The United Nations Convention – Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

National Access Card & Lanyard with Medical Alert Card

Invisible Disabilities Australia Photo ID Card evidences the Cardholders need for recognition and support. Please ask if there is anything they need and do not ask about their medical condition.

The front of both cards request SPECIAL ASSISTANCE and include ID Photo, Card Number and 12 Month Expiry Date.

The back of the Toilet Access Card requests emergency access to toilets due to a medical condition.

Using Your National Access Card and Lanyard

When you book for an event, airline ticket, or tourist attraction, call the organisation’s customer support team and explain that you have a medically diagnosed condition that is not obvious and you will need discreet support.  Direct them to our website for more information and ask them to look at the card and lanyard you will be wearing and showing to their staff.


Your Invisible Disabilities Australia National Access Card and Lanyard provides evidence that you need discreet assistance and outlines the nature of the assistance you require. You can either show your card or explain the assistance you need.

IDA Cards evidence your need for disabled support or disabled or non-public toilet access.  You may choose to wear your card and lanyard out of sight and simply show it as required. There should be NO NEED TO EXPLAIN the condition you have to get the support you need.