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Access Card & Lanyard

If you have been asked by a Card Holder to scan the QR Code on their card please ask them if there is any support they need.

You have an obligation to support them under the United Nations Convention on  The Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

National Access Card & Lanyard with Medical Alert Card

Their card evidences their need for recognition and support, please do not ask about their medical condition.

The front of all cards are the same and request SPECIAL ASSISTANCE  have a passport-style photo, card number and 12 month expiry date.  The Toilet card requests access to disability toilets or other toilet access.

Using Your National Access Card and Lanyard

When you book for an event, airline ticket or tourist attraction, call the organisation’s customer support team and explain that you have medically diagnosed condition requiring special assistance. You may direct them to our website for more information and explain the assistance you require.

These needs may include the following:

  • Airports and Travel
  • Request privacy to discuss issues of concern to you
  • Disabled and non-public toilet access
  • Security queues and tourist venues
  • Accessing additional support and facilities in public places
  • Queue priority or disabled seating, as you may have trouble standing
  • Indicate you need a seat or use of a non-public toilet urgently
  • Indicate that your disability may cause you coordination issues and that you may need assistance

Our Mission

Your Invisible Disabilities Australia national Access Card and Lanyard provides evidence that you need discreet assistance and outlines the nature of the assistance you require. You can either show your card or explain the assistance you need.

Currently our card includes disabled or non-public toilet access particularly for ostomy wearers. In the near future our range of cards will be expanded to allow you to nominate other support options relevant to other invisible disabilities. You may choose to wear your card and lanyard out of sight and simply show it as required. We strongly believe you should not have to explain what your invisible disability is unless you feel you wish to. Your ‘No Need to Explain’ access card does the explaining for you!

The Invisible Disabilities Australia National Access Card and Lanyard initiative is being promoted throughout Australia. We welcome your support through our ‘Spread the Word – No Need to Explain’ campaign.

Educating and Training Airport Staff.

We are assisting airport staff and management across Australia to identify and react appropriately to requests for help by people holding or wearing an Invisible Disability Australia Access Card and Lanyard.

We are encouraging airports and the Federal Government to set guidelines to help passengers with invisible disabilities obtain support at Australian airports. We are also seeking more effective communication about passenger needs ahead of travel, helping to reduce stress and anxiety when travelling. To assist travellers knowing who can help them at airports when assistance is required, we will provide easily recognisable Invisible Disability logo badges for airport staff once they have completed a training program. We are also working with airports to upgrade their toilet access and display our toilet sign.