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Our Ambassadors

Become an Invisible Disabilities Friendly Organisation

Put your pin on our map! SHOW 5 MILLION AUSTRALIANS YOU CARE


IDA Ambassadors

Display IDA entrance signs
Put your pin on our map and name on our website
Include IDA Link on your website

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Buy bulk coupon gifts for people with Invisible Disabilities
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Support IDA initiatives

TAKE THE PLEDGE- Become a Badge Ambassador
Get your KINDNESS BUTTON today!

Individuals, Small Business, Support Workers, Schools, Nursing Homes, Hospital workers

When people with Invisible Disabilities see your badge they know you can be trusted to recognise, understand and support them. They know that you understand they might be struggling, might need priority queueing, extra time, a seat, or emergency toilet access and you will treat them with kindness and respect.

Wear your badge to work so others are reminded that kindness is important. Wear your badge to school and work with friends to end bullying.