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Becoming an Invisible Disabilities Friendly Business

Through becoming an Invisible Disabilities friendly business, you are joining a growing movement towards making the world a safer, kinder place and in the process you will increase your client base with people who appreciate what you do.

In Australia there are millions of people who suffer from invisible disabilities. Frequently people with invisible disabilities find it extremely difficult to communicate their needs to those in the community who may be able to assist them. Consequently, they often feel isolated and afraid to go out.

Invisible Disabilities Australia is working closely with national associations, peak bodies, government agencies, airports and tourist venues across Australia to promote access for all people with disabilities. Overseas there is a surge of support from large and small companies realising the advantages to their business of supporting all disabilities. Most people know someone or have a family member with a condition requiring support and are choosing to support inclusive businesses.

United Kingdom- experience

It’s inspiring to see that in the UK, businesses, airports and government regulators have already committed to understanding the needs of the Invisible Disability community and have instigated the following for invisible disability inclusion:

  • recognition and response to lanyards and cardholders needs
  • clearly visible signage for facilities and support
  • high visibility of support staff (badges)
  • staff trained in sensitive identification and support
  • modified toilet design

UK Business Support for Modified Toilets and Logo Signage

  • Marks and Spencers all new UK stores
  • Morrisons UK
  • Tesco
  • Asda UK
  • Waitrose
  • Sainsbury’s
  • 492 stores across the United Kingdom
  • 700 stores
  • 421 toilets
  • 149 stores
  • 38 stores announced in 2019

Business Support

Civil Aviation Authority UK

The following details outline the Civil Aviation Authority industry guidelines on assisting passengers with invisible disabilities. The CAA guidelines make it clear that airlines need the right procedures in place to assist such passengers.

Specifically, airlines should:

  • Have a clear and accessible pre-notification system in place allowing passengers to request special assistance at the point of booking.
  • Share information about a passenger’s assistance needs within their own organisation and with the airport and ground handling agents.
  • Ensure a passenger with a hidden disability is seated with a travelling companion at no extra cost.
  • Invest in quality training for staff so hidden disabilities can be identified and passengers assisted accordingly.
  • Ensure passengers with hidden disabilities are looked after in the event of flight delays and cancellations.