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Become an Invisible Disabilities Friendly Business – Did you know discriminatory practices are illegal?

Through becoming an Invisible Disabilities friendly business, you are joining a growing movement towards making the world a safer, kinder place and in the process, you will increase your client base with people who appreciate what you do.

In Australia over  11.6 MILLION PEOPLE (ABS 2021) live with at least one long term chronic health condition including many with invisible disabilities. Frequently people with invisible disabilities find it extremely difficult to communicate their needs to those in the community who may be able to assist them. Consequently, they are socially and economically  isolated and afraid to leave home.

AN OBLIGATION NOT A CHOICE – Why mutual recognition matters

Invisible disabilities are not immediately obvious making it harder for organisations to fulfil their legal obligations to comply with anti-discrimination laws. This can lead to loss of business, unintentional injury to your staff or clients, public condemnation and litigation.